Hot Wheels Matchbox Display Case w/Lock

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Display Case
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Hand-made from imported Australian beech wood. This furniture grade 1:64 model car display case cabinet is of beautiful design and construction, very detailed and attractive, but also very affordable Display case has 12 shelves, with a lip so the cars do not fall out. Great way to showcase you're cars, but still have the option of easily touching the models. The display case has a BLACK felt background to give you're cars a great contrast. The case can hold just about every brand of 1:64 scale cars. (cars are not included).

  • Superior Craftsmanship ~ 12 shelves securely hold small cars such as Hot Wheels in place. 
  • Eye-Catching ~ Black felt background creates a stunning contrast, perfect for showing off a collection of cars. Beautiful front opening door. 
  • Quality ~ Handcrafted in solid, furniture-grade, beech hardwood with an elegant finish.
  • Secure ~ Locking brass latch to ensure the security of you're collection.
  • Protective ~ 98% UV protection door to safeguard you're items from fading.
  • Ready-to-Use ~ Fully assembled, with wall mounting hardware included. 

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