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Mini Helmets

Mini Helmets? Why collect mini helmets?

Full sized football helmets are great collector's items. When autographed by a favorite player, these are excellent sports memorabilia that show your enthusiasm for teams and memorable players. Can you hear it coming?

But . . . full sized helmets are, well, full sized and large. The dimensions of the typical full sized replica helmet are L - 12 1/2", W - 9", H - 9 1/2". Mini helmets are 1/2 scale, so about L - 6 1/4", W - 4 1/2", H - 4 3/4". Full sized helmets are also heavy and cost more to ship than mini helmets. (Even when suppliers offer "free shipping", the shipping isn't really free. Those charges are baked into the sales price!)

Mini helmets are more affordable for both serious and beginning collectors. For a specific illustration, let's look at a Deshaun Watson helmet and mini helmet. The full sized helmet is $599.00 (and that's a reduced price!) but a similar Houston Texans mini helmet is $179.00. Not every player's signed helmets will differ by that much, but this is a representative example.

For a quick visual comparison: collectible mini helmets

So, mini helmets are smaller and easier to display. They are more affordable - perfect for fans and serious memorabilia collectors alike. And finally - they look great!

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