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Mini Helmets? Why collect mini helmets?

25th Aug 2020

Full sized football helmets are great collector's items. When autographed by a favorite player, these are excellent sports memorabilia that show your enthusiasm for teams and memorable players. Can you hear it coming? But . . . full sized helmets are, well, full sized and large. The dimensions of the typical full sized replica helmet are L - 12 1/2", W - 9", H - 9 1/2". Mini helmets are 1/2 scale, so about L - 6 1/4", W - 4 1/2", H - 4 3/4". Ful...
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Display Cases - Why Add Them?

28th Dec 2018

Display Cases - Why Add Them?
For those of us who are passionate about sports and the teams or players we follow, buying a piece of memorabilia helps reenforce the emotional bonds to our favorites. Not all memorabilia is created equal - that's for certain. But when you find that great item that celebrates a national championship or is signed by your favorite player, you don't want your memorabilia to fade. You want to preserve it. Show it off. Talk about it and embrace the me...
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Authentic Autographs from Iconic Sports Figures

12th Oct 2018

Nikco Sports worked over the last 25+ years to build trust and a reputation for integrity. Our customers reap the benefits of these efforts. We are able to secure signings with some of the greatest and most respected athletes in sports today. These great players sign autographs for us to support our charitable giving program and to help us deliver the highest quality to fans. Here are some of the athletes and coaches who’ve signed Nikco Spo...
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